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Since 2016, Ginking has done more than refine old traditions: we've started a new one. Fresh, bubbly and refreshingly light, Ginking is a masterful blend of wine from England delicately infused with London Dry Gin. Ginking was conceived by Lord Worontschak and his wife Dr Hillary, who combined superb wine making and distillation techniques to create a captivating fusion of flavours. Ginking makes everything in small batches from our home in England. 


The Ginking team are truly fanatical about fizz and as diverse as the fizz itself with two Englishmen, two Australians and a Frenchman. Our team is led by fizz pioneer, master winemaker, vinyl fanatic and BBQ  aficionado, John, who spends most of his time flying around the world crafting exciting wines in exciting places such as Mexico, Russia, South Africa and Israel.  Intrigued by the flavour possibilities and dissatisfied with the lack of a refreshing British aperitif, and after dozens and dozens of trials, we believe we have crafted just that with Ginking. 


The Ginking team crafts and sources quality wines from selected local farmers in the south of England. Together with the help of a 100 year old family distillery, we created a unique London Dry Gin with carefully selected botanicals that is then blended with spring water. When all combined, we want to give our customers a crisp, aromatic and delicious fizz that is exhilarating. At only 8.5%, Ginking is refreshingly lower in alcohol than you would expect.

English Wine
London Dry Gin
Spring Water

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"Perfect for springtime sipping."

— Fortnum & Mason